Nahum Goldmann Fellowship Program

The Nahum Goldmann Fellowship is a special institute aimed at nurturing a new generation of Jewish communal leadership across the world. The program provides an intensive experience of Jewish learning, living and leadership for young men and women from around the world between the ages of 25-40 who show serious interest in Jewish culture and demonstrate a potential for individual growth and communal leadership.

Over 800 men and women from Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Latin America and Israel successfully completed the previous 25 fellowship programs. Named after the late Dr. Nahum Goldmann, the Fellowship Program is initiated and sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

The Foundation last year celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship.

The attached document, the Foundation's 25th Anniversary Report of the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship, will provide you with a full report of what the foundation has accomplished in the past quarter century.